GVIN proposes New global MOT strategy by “Open Innovation”
When GVIN arranges Seeds-Needs encounter arena, we do this by Top to Top. For this purpose, we have established and always update our unique world-wide human trust-based network of venture capitals, ventures, research laboratories, universities and individuals, continuously without fail, for many tens of years.
Also, inside Japan, GVIN has a unique network at very senior or decision-maker level all over leading Japanese industries.
These networks are dynamic in nature, not static. *MOT=Management of Technology

Tacit Knowledge-based Network & Creation of New Value-No.2


In the establishment of tacit knowledge network, the author found out, through his extensive global experience, some essential factors to make the strong tacit network, by establishing solid human relationship – sustaining and long-lasting – regardless of the difference of nationality or culture.

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Tacit Knowledge-based Network & Creation of New Value-No.1


This paper challenges to describe a novel scheme of acceleration of global innovation, through the unique tacit knowledge-based value chain, at both seeds and needs sides of technology innovation. The author empirically describes how such “tacit knowledge” effectively transfers through “small network” and challenges to categorize the type of such small network, as well as analyzing the transfer processes among these categorized networks. ‥‥‥‥‥

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