GVIN’s Mission

Global Venture Industry Network Limited is a Think Tank.
Accelerate innovation through the achievement of partnership between
global high-tech ventures and global corporate companies, especially Japanese ones.

Executive Directors

President & CEO
  Dr.Yutaka Kuwahara, former Hitachi R&D Director
  Dr. Naoki Chinone : former Hitachi, OpNext Director
  Dr. Masayuki Katsumoto : former Hitachi Hard Disk Manager
Special Advisors
  Yoshiro Kuwata : former Chairman, Hitachi High Technology & Board Member of Hitachi
  Hiroshi Tanaka : former Canon Vice Chairman Founder
  Dr. Yutaka Kuwahara, CEO of GVIN
  Takashi Matsuo, CEO of FMT (Forum Management of Tomorrow,Inc.)

GVIN is a spin out of FMT (Forum-Management for Tomorrow, Inc. )

FMT; established in 1982 by;
  – Mr. Takashi Matsuo (Professor at Tokyo University of Science)
  – Mr. Masaru Ibuka (Founder of Sony )
  – Dr. Bunya Tadano (Hitachi: Father on Electron Microscope in Japan)
  – Mr. Michihiro Nishida (Honda: Right-hand of Soichiro Honda)
  – Mr. Kenjiro Takayanagi (JVC: Father of Television in the world)
  – Dr. Takeo Shiina (President, Japan IBM)
  – Mr. Arataro Takahashi (Panasonic: The Highest Corporate Advisor of Panasonic, former Chairman)
Current membership: approx. 500 firms
  – From All high-tech areas
  – CTO or equivalent level management
  – Dr. Yutaka Kuwahara is a Board Member of FMT

  • Chemical & Advanced Materials: Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings, Toray, Teijin,Kyocera, Mitsubishi material, Shin-etsu Chemical, TOKUYAMA, Beyer, Henkel, DSM, Novozymes, …
  • Automotive: Toyota, Honda, Nissan, …
  • Computer & Electronics: Hitachi, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, TDK, Fujitsu, IBM Japan, Omron, Lenovo, …
  • Heavy Industries: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, IHI, …
  • Transport Equipment: Denso, Aishin, Asahi Tech, …
  • Telecommunication: NTT, KDD …
  • Semiconductor: Hitachi, Toshiba, Renesas, Elpida, Rohm
  • Digital Imaging: Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Fuji-Xerox, Fuji Film, Ricoh, Epson,
  • Printing: Dai Nippon Printing, Toppan Printing, …
  • Photon : Hamamatsu Photonics, …
  • Scientific Instruments: Advantest, Mitsutoyo, Shimazu, …
  • Medicine & Bio: Takeda, Kyowa-Hakko, Beyer, …
  • Cosmetics & Life Style: Kao, Shiseido, P&G, …
  • Food & Bio: Ajinomoto, Kirin, Suntory, …
  • Textiles & Chemicals: …
  • Ultra High Precision Process: Yasuda-Kogyo, Toshiba Machine, Tamagawa-Seiki, …
  • Irion & no-iron: Shin-Nittetsu, JFE, Nippon Light Material, …
  • Distributor: Gradient (Russia), …
  • Diverse traditional Japanese artisans
  • World-top cutting-edge scientists and engineers

GVIN’s Service to ventures

Find out the best fit Japanese companies to your technology/product or investment proposal.
Introduce CTO/CTO level key man to you.
Coordinate two companies towards the Goal.
(to set meeting, draw client’s requirements, support to conclude the agreement)

Business development

1. Preliminary Stage (~ one month) to know each other, confirm the business opportunity is here in Japan
2. Discovery Stage (~ one month) to decide to go together, conclude the NDA/contract*
3. In-Depth Stage to find out potential partners, organize dialogue and lead them/us to the goal.


Joe Schoendorf, Accel Partner;

I fully trust in GVIN, because USA ventures can make success only when they become inside members of Japanese Society”. “In this sense, GVIN is the only and unique organization to enable this new scheme.”

Juha, Sr. VP, Sulake backed by 3i;
“GVIN’s unique and strategic approach to the senior management truly open the way to speedy successful closing. No other company can do it”.

Technical Advisors

T. Saito (ex. Canon Executive) Overall, Printing
Prof. Dr. Harada (ex Hitachi) Healthcare
Prof. Dr. Kawabata (ex Gakushuuin Univ) Solid State Physics
Dr. Naruse (ex President HGST) Overall, Electronics
Dr. Inoue (ex Hitachi Director) Mechatronics
Prof. Dr. Iwasawa (ex Hitachi, Takushoku Univ) IT, network
Prof. Dr. Yoshizawa (ex Hitachi, ex Tokyo Noko Univ) IT, network
Prof. Yuura (ex Hitachi, Shizuoka Univ) IT, network
H. Ino (ex IBM CTO) IT, network
Pro. Dr. Ohki (ex Hitachi, Kinki Univ) IT, network
Dr. Hirosawa (ex Hitachi, ex Riken) IT, network
Prof. Dr. Kawakubo (ex Hitachi, Shinshu Univ) Mechatronics


Through the tie-up with Gvin Ltd,
You can;
  – Quickly win your solid toe hold in Japan
  – Minimize your early investment in time and money to find best partners
  – Get scalable vehicle for further advancement
  – And you will be successful !!

Promising Market Segment

Enterprise Network Software
Systems and Software for Data Center
Software for Customer Service
SaaS, DRS, VoIP, Security,
Dynamic Flow Analysis
Mobile, Multimedia, VR System
Contents, including Game, Web-based Game

Digital Consumer, Display-related Software
Mobile Related
e-Payment, 4th Generation
Mobile Storage
Optical Device
Giga-Tera Capacity
Wearable Computing
Broad Band

Mobile Communication
Security, High-speed

Three Dimensional New Display
Flat Panel Display
Small sized 2nd battery

Low Power Device
SiGe, GaAs

Nano CarbonTube
Radio Wave Shield
Nano Printing
Plastic Semiconductors

Healthy Drinks
Gene Diagnosis/Analysis
Drug Delivery
Biological Agricultural Chemicals

Energy, Environment
Fuel Cell, New Battery
Solar Energy
CO2 Reduction
Water/Air/Soil Purification
Power Saving
Bio for Environment
Artificial Joint/Blood
Micro-Machine (Micro-Capsule)


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