CEO Yutaka Kuwahara

Profile of Dr. Yutaka Kuwahara

1964: Graduated from the Department of Physics, University of Tokyo

Started as a researcher at Hitachi Central Research Laboratory, to pursue
architecture of computer system
Establishment of Research Laboratory overseas, and actually led and managed many projects

Projects such as “Single Electronics” collaborating with Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University, etc
Stayed in USA and UK representing Hitachi for six years each Worked for Ministry of Education, at National Institute for Science and Technology Policy
Participated in many national projects of METI, Economic Planning Agency, Science and Technology Agency and Ministry of Education
2003: Founded the GVIN Limited and became its President and CEO
Following are jobs that Dr. Kuwahara has experienced and experiencing.


  • President & CEO, GVIN Limited
  • Executive Director & Senior Advisor, austriamicrosystems
  • Lecturer, Department of Management, Tokyo Seitoku University
  • Director & CMO, WhalesWeb. Dot. Com


  • Overseas Director
  • Chairman of the Board, Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR)
  • Professor, University of Distribution and Marketing Science
  • Visiting Professor, National Graduate University for Science and Technology Policy (GRIPS)
  • Lecturer, Kogakuin University

Books: “What is Management of Technology?”, “Management of Technology: Historical
Proof”, “21st Century Prospect and Management of Technology”,
“Global Technology Management”
all from Maruzen Book Publishing Company etc
all 12 volumes

Original Papers: many
Lectures and Speeches at Overseas University and International Conferences: many

Academic Society

  • Engineering Academy of Japan
  • IEEE Senior Member
  • Member, International Shunpeter Society
  • Member, Japanese Society of Economic Evolution
  • Member, Japanese Society of Information and Communications
  • Board Member, Japanese Society of Science Policy and Research Management

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) from University of Tokyo


  • Oil Painting
  • Piano Playing
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Golf

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